SSC GK, General Awareness Questions and Answers

All candidates who are preparing for SSC examinations must check this page. It's very important for you. Here we are providing the information about the SSC General Knowledge (GK), General Awareness Questions and Answers. The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is responsible to fill up the various posts in various departments. Every year the SSC conducts written examination for various posts. This year the SSC was conducted the SSC 10+2 examination in the month of October 20, 2013. After this examination the SSC CHSL exam was held on October 27, 2013 and November 10, 2013 as per the pattern. Here we are providing the questions of General Awareness/Knowledge which were asked in today’s SSC 10+2 examination. They all question will support you on next examination which will be conducted by the Staff Selection Commission. All these questions are given below:

  1. Machine Tool is an example of ____________ goods?
    a. Free, b. intermediary, c. Consumer, d. capital
  2. Gandhara art was the combination of ?
  3. Mohammed Gawan was famous Wazir and Vakil in the Kingdom of?
  4. An index number measuring the average price of consumer goods and services purchased by households is?
    a. Cost of living index, b. wholesale price index, c. consumer price index, d.Human Development index
  5. Oligopoly consists of?
    a. Single seller, b. few sellers, c. two sellers, d. three sellers
  6. National Income in India is estimated by?
  7. The fixed cost in the short run for a producing firm will be?
    a. Always increasing, b. fluctuating, c. declining, d. constant and fixed
  8. Fascism believes in?
  9. Which of the following is not a constitutional body?
    a. Finance Commission, b. UPSC, c. SSC, d. Election Commission
  10. The first governor of the Portuguese in India was?
  11. Which of the following reformative measures was not introduced by William Bentinck?
    a. Abolition of slavery, b. suppression of thugs, c. abolition of sati, d. Removal of disabilities due to change of religion.
  12. Which work of Thomas Paine inspired the colonial people to fight against Britain during the American War of dependence?
  13. Which one of the tree species does not belong to deciduous vegetation?
    a. Sandalwood, b. Deodar, c. Teak, d. Sal
  14. The predominant soil is the coastal plains and North Indian Plains is?
    a. Alluvial, b. Arid, c. Black, d. Red
  15. Rocks having large quantity of underground water and permitting ready flow of water are called?
  16. Under the advisory jurisdiction, the Supreme Court gives its opinion on a question of law or fact of great public importance referred to it by?
  17. How much time is given to Rajya Sabha to pass a money bill.
  18. The electoral college to elect the President composes?
  19. The animal association seen in a sucker fish attached to a shark is?
  20. Which is the Symbiotic Nitrogen fixing becteria?
  21. Which one of the follow is not the grassland?
    a. Downs, b. Veld, c. Selvas, d. Steppes
  22. Duncan Passage separates?
  23. In biology, water soluble substances are called as?
  24. Amoeba acquires its food through the process of?
  25. Female anopheles mosquito is the vector of?

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